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More cash can often be generated in an exchange than in a sale. It’s true!

Most trades usually end up with one and often both parties putting cash in their pocket. Trying to sell or raise cash on a parcel of vacant land, for instance, can be almost impossible or very difficult. On the other hand, if the land is traded for property, cars, gems, etc.. that will more readily sell or one that be cranked (borrowed on or sold) it is a path to cash. This is just one way to cash when making a trade. There are many other ways but just remember...your acceptance of an offer to trade can be conditioned upon selling your newly acquired property or acquiring a new loan prior to closing the deal.

Whatever you do, don’t say, “I won’t trade!”

Insist on cash, if you must, but open the door to a centuries old alternative.


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"Art of Starter Barter"

The Art of Starter Barter is a 275 page book written to help you become wealthy by enhancing what you do every day of your life. Barter is currently an $15 billion industry in North America. Bartering is a way of accumulating wealth while preserving cash.
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Exchanges and Trades for Wealth Acquisition

We have included our rules, procedures, forms and comments. While some of our comments and statements may sound negative at times, this is not, our intention. You should know as much as possible about some of the currencies and how these are used in our sessions.