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800 To Trade, a multi-faceted company, specializes in international acquisition and direct marketing of unused or surplus merchandise, guiding, aiding, and supporting other firms and individuals entering into or presently concerned with providing the same, similar, or related services. Information exchange services are an important segment of every enterprise and is available 24 hours a day to all corporate barterers and worldwide traders, domestically and internationally.

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800’s unparalleled services are available via the internet and other digital technologies.
800 is positioned as the leader in the barter and countertrade industry with the company's new computer software program Trader's Tool™. Principal users of 800's services are acquiring this program created for trader's domestically and internationally. Growth in the barter and countertrade industry, currently in excess of $100 billion a year, is accelerating at 25% annually. Operations are staffed and managed from 800's corporate headquarters in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Digital communication between all entities is available via our proprietary network.

Our auctioning sites provide a stream of goods flowing to cash buyers worldwide. 800 is optimally positioned—both geographically and financially—to exploit a myriad of exciting markets and dealer opportunities. 800 purchases large quantities of quality merchandise at prices generally ranging from 5% to 50% of original wholesale price. These products become available for reasons such as discontinuance of an item, changes in products or packaging, over-production, excess inventory, or financial considerations. The industry is quite old, however, it remains highly fragmented. The liquidation industry is a multi-billion dollar industry, with significant growth potential, and represents unlimited growth opportunity for large, professionally managed, and well capitalized firms.


"Art of Starter Barter"

The Art of Starter Barter is a 275 page book written to help you become wealthy by enhancing what you do every day of your life. Barter is currently an $15 billion industry in North America. Bartering is a way of accumulating wealth while preserving cash.
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We have included our rules, procedures, forms and comments. While some of our comments and statements may sound negative at times, this is not, our intention. You should know as much as possible about some of the currencies and how these are used in our sessions.